So…ill blog about me not blogging another day. But today’s message is take it slowwwww… Now! Apply that were needed of course but understand that the YOU are always speeding. Some days u just need to slow yourself down. Enjoy what’s around you. Who’s around you u know?

N then there’s the days that give me…not so much. I feel like I always strive for perfection….ok maybe not. As I get older my wants are in the wrong things. I mean I have mad “wants” per say, but is that what it really is?
Gotta understand I’m KHAOS DA RAPPER.

That’s not on no cocky shit but that’s me most of the time. As the artist,personality, just crazi ass KDR….my adventures are FAST! I, with some really amazing friends fell in love with a concept…#YLR #www.yolgbtraps.com that’s KDR’S new baby along with just being khaos…u follow?
Then there’s Khay Barnes….low key nerd…maybe not so low key, good job, stupid well rounded….and accepted! (Big difference)

Khay works with KDR…business mostly…totally different and totally different. They get mistaken by each other often. Khay is hella conservative, lovey dovey, an introverted extrovert, who loves to be in “her” environment…with someone….sometimes:)
I was told that people shouldn’t know my real name…why? Its dope. N my momma gave it to me for a reason. Made me famous fa no reason I guess….well anyway. Hey! I’m Iman. The other one. Maybe the normal one lol or maybe the more responsible of all.
I’m preparing for a life change…Stay tuned….


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