Why u worried?

So last night I think is what in realized that I don’t need to worry….Wait i’m lying I realized that a long time ago. I’m gonna assume I got to comfortable with my blessings and kinda forgot to constantly thank my higher power and give my incoming blessings away to people who need them more than me. Ive always been against talking to my higher power only wen things go wrong instead I like to keep my prayers going 24/7. Things started going super awesome in my life and I forgot to continue putting out that awesome energy and encouraging words. Clearly people look up to and follow my pages because of that…the music and antics is just a bonus. ANYWAY, last night I kinda fell into a bind and im like “Damn! why when things goin so good does everything just kinda shatter outta knowere?” I dropped the ball this time. My gift is communication. I should constantly communicate awesomeness…and I got comfortable. I APOLOGIZE. With all that being said. I need about 12 BLESSINGS! but!!! I’m giving the first 12 to the folks taking the time to read this right now. You probably need them more than me….


When things go wrong or not as expected do not worry!!!! GIVE IT ALL TO UR HIGHER POWER!!! Its amaizing how things just dissapear! So i enter my day with NO WORRIES. Zero! Why? because im powerless over my situation and remember…its not in my plan anywayh. When u worry it lets ya HP know that u have no faith. My name means faith & I have the utmost in him…or her lol. Watch ur blessings come in when you do right by people and give your worries away!!!

Now for those 12 people I gave those blessings too….Hurry up cause I need the next 12!!! lol Love yall!!

KhayThis picture has NOTHING to do with what I posted above but it made me smile…Hope it does the same for you…. Shout out @badassdoodah


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